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Best Ways for Killing Ants

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Are you struggling with those disgusting ants? Do not worry about it anymore!

A few words from me – Bella, the blogger:

I had been worrying about those dreadful ants for more than half a year. Last month I decided that it was time to get rid of ants as it was getting worse.Therefore, I put a lot of effort into searching for a solution, and finally i found a few useful methods to deal with it. To be honest, I can not believe how effective it is: it has killed all of those ants during the first week! It is just amazing! However, I do believe that there must be lots of guys dealing with the same problem. So I decided to build this blog, and shared all the information I've got. Good luck with it!

It is no doubt very embarrassing to see ants marching like a well trained army into your kitchen or at the place where you eat. It a common sight to see people panicking and getting frightened when they see ants coming to their carpeted areas or baseboards. It is curious to see how they can appear in your bathrooms when you have just finished taking your shower.
I can very well understand the feelings about these stories on ants. This is because I have also experienced ant infestation in a new foreclosed property that I bought this summer. The house was frequented by me on alternative days before its close. I could not see any ants during my time there. But on moving in, I found more than 20 of them in the same single room. After temporarily handling the situation using a common insecticide, I would discover them again after a couple of days in a new place or room. And there were more than just one kind of ants there.
Just then, I made a discovery of the best way of killing ants and was able to drive them away forever. I am no longer disturbed by ants and neither are my clients who also used the same methods.
This article will tell you real ways to get rid of the problem of this kind of infestation. Ants can have more than just one colony and they may all be inside your house. But don’t panic. If you follow these methods in a disciplined manner, you can get rid of the problem for good.

get-rid-of-antsDetermine the kind of ants first

It is tough to find which kind of ants has taken over your home owing to the more than hundred species they have. We have been in this home for about 9 years now and have always seen the same small black ants. But recently we saw some different looking ones which also had wings.
It is tough to determine the kind of ants on your own and may take some time. You can hire a pest management company to do the same but they do nothing for free.
The orkin pest page mention below displays a lot of different kinds of ants there are in this world.

So what is the kind?

The working of ants has been watched closely by myself with the help of some documentaries. They are social beings living inside well made colonies and each ant has a different job to take care of. Different types of ants also have differences in their social structures as well. They are no doubt fascinating beings but they just don’t do well inside my home.


Getting rid of the ones in your home

Some professionals were hired by us for the job and it actually worked for some time. However, I doubt there will ever be any long term solution to this problem here due to the prolific nature of this problem in our town.
The ant problem was somewhat under control last year which was due to the weather maybe. There were some ants in the laundry room this winter and the snow was more a foot high outdoors. Maybe it was that they had no food to eat and feed their queen on.
Now, we generally keep traps for the ants. Knowing that this will not kill all of them, it is still a good option for keeping them out most of the times.
From the information I have gathered, it is clear that there is no single solution for getting rid of all different kinds because different types behave and react differently to situations.
There is one thing to be kept in mind because it has a huge importance. In order to fully and permanently drive the ants out of your house, you will have to go after not just the ants but also their colony inside your house. Otherwise, you won’t succeed in the long term.
Out of the remedies mentioned below, some are poisons the ants can be baited with. The workers will take them back and feed the colony on them. This results in long term exterminations of ants.
By following the 5 steps written after this, you will be able to move ants out permanently without having to pay the company people anything.

Below are some of the best gel based baits for ants.

Honey is something which is relay relished by the ants. Ant gels have a texture resembling that of honey and its taste is also very sweet. This makes these ant gels the perfect bait for getting ants and then killing them.
[cmamad id=”ad-off” align=”center” tabid=”ad-off” mobid=”86″] Step 1

borax-for-antsI realized something had to be changed when more ants always appeared after the last bug spray I did. I did not posses any past experience in having to deal with ant colonies so I didn’t know there were potential natural remedies to this problem. My mission in addition to kill the ants roaming about was also to kill the ones residing inside the colony and hidden from my sight.
It was then that I realized I had to make a methodical plan in order to drive them away from my garage and my house once and for all. Ant gel was the first thing I successfully used to rid my home of ants. A gel bait was brought by me. It was called Raid Precision Placement Ant Bait Gel. After that, one day I got the professional products that were used in killing successfully the ants marching in my garage. I admit the scene they created was spooky. The number of ants thronging together was enormous. The ants were easily fooled by me when they readily ate the gel that I placed on their trails. And in a couple of days, that small area was ant free. In another place nearby where I saw some ants, I did the same by placing that gel after every two inches and I was greeted with the same pleasant results of dead ants and disappearing ants everywhere.
I was surprised on noticing that the gel did not attract all the ants. The color of these kind of ants was light brown. The section deals with different baits for ants that you can try to kill them as the next step I took was put out some ant traps.


Kill-Ants-waysAnother ant gel bait to drive ants out of the house

Something surprising to know is that it is fairly easy to get rid of ants from your house opposed to the common thought. The Dupont Advion Ant gel Bait is very effective in attracting ants towards itself. You will have to be particular about the placement of this gel near the areas where ants are sure to visit regularly.
Avoid putting long streaks of this gel and prefer putting just tiny drops of it on the floor. All you need it just one dot. That is really enough. These drops should be placed an inch or two apart from each other to optimize the process. After that, you just have to wait and watch hoe the carriers feed poison to their mates. It will not take a long time for you to come to know that ant gels are very effective for the kind of results you are trying to get.

Best ways to set traps for ants and get rid of them

If you carefully understand and implement the steps contained within this article, you will be able to exterminate the ants from your living area and live without any worries about your food or clothing afterwards. No more fears regarding ants running all over your food and contaminating it.
Step 2

killing-ants-indoorAs mentioned before, my garage was infested by ants who I got rid of successfully. But I also told you that that particular gel did not do a good work of attracting all different kinds of ants.
After that, I set out to lay traps for the ants as my second step in the ant killing strategy. To my surprise, I soon found out that those ants which were not attracted to the previous gel were readily flocking towards these baits that I put out now.
This way, by firsthand experience, I came to know about something special about any killing. In order to kill ants, you have to be really persistent and very methodical in whatever method you choose to follow. You have to use different things to kill different types of ants who feed on different food items. Some like protein rich food while the others are after carbohydrates and fats.
You can decide on the kind of bait you require for your ants by looking at the bait stations given below. A combination of a bait trap and a gel is very useful in driving ants away from your life forever.
The bait traps for ants that were used by me were Ant Killer: Terro Liquid Baits. They came in a pack of two and a box had six of them inside. This is a sweet substance and will attract the ants which binge on carbohydrates. Until the time the colony is completely dead, you will see a lot of ants over the coming few days. They will come to the mixture to eat it and then die. In case there is a presence of some more colonies inside your house, you will also come to know about them in one or two weeks from the incident.

Ants bait traps can be effectively used in getting rid of ants from your home

This is a question very commonly asked by different people who are just about to sell their house which is ant infested. They want a solution to the problem without having to spend a great deal of money on it. And it is understandable. It is almost always recommended by me that they must keep a professional bait system with them and make sure to kill all the ants before they shoe the house to potential buyers.
Terro pre-packaged liquid ant bait traps is something I have extensively used and had success with. You can see many videos in order to learn how to use different baits. This bait is in the liquid phase and should be handled carefully keeping in mind it not to spill it on the ground. This one can also be used near the house entrance and outdoors as well.
Just like the other ones, the activity of ants will stop a few days after they first eat this bait and take it back to the colony with them. Remember this bait has a sweet taste so you can use other baits for ants that want something else to eat.

Step 3A


Some dusts can be used for removing ants from your house. This can be a good next step. These methods are more apt and useful owing to the fact that they can enter the crevices and cracks in the ants’ homes which otherwise cannot be entered. I myself used this technique after quite a few days of baiting the ants with gel. I did this near the doors and windows of the house. Even a dust bulb can be made use of to push the dust in those very tiny holes and cracks. Out of the products given below, some are even used by industry professionals and some of them come along with a duster. While dusting, boric acid and diatomaceous earth are made use of by me. You should make sure not to inhale all this by wearing a mask over your face during the process.


Home remedies – sugar as bait and boric acid to kill ants

A good method of killing ants and attracting them to your bait is by using sugar and boric acid. It can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. You can see many instructive videos in order to learn how to make the mixture and where to spray it if you want to kill the maximum number of ants. It is recommended by some not to spray this mixture inside the house for fear of attracting more numbers from outside of the house. instead it should be sprayed just outdoors near the entry of the house.

Step  3B

Apart from the method incorporating use of dust, you can give thought to using some aerosols which kill ants. The targets for such kind of aerosol spray should be crevices and crack where you know ants generally tread. These are also the places which the ants go inside to hide. Many believe that ants are not scattered by these aerosols as they are by using different dusts.
Aerosol sprays are a professional remedy and many people do not know much about them as opposed to knowing about dusts. In case, you make up your mind to use both the above mentioned solutions, you should bear in mind to use aerosols for cracks and tiny holes or crevices while dusts should be kept for wall voids. To make sure of complete non interference with other insecticides, you should go for using non repellent substances.

Step 4

It is important to stop the ants which are outside of your house to make sure there are non inside. This idea should come next in your strategy in shooing the ants away permanently. I also went to buy some professional sprays and they leave after-effects most of the time.
Sprays that I got from the local hardware store were very effective in making them scatter around, repelling as well as killing them on contact. But a problem developed after sometime. The ants refused to come near the spray any more. This means they were no longer taking it back to their nest. This will not help in killing the colony and is not the required result for us.
All the points of entry of ants and some other areas like the doors, windows and also the whole perimeter of the house by a professional grade ant killer.
These treatments should also be repeated if that is the requirement of your house. These products should essentially be used according to the instructions which come along them. Do not use a higher quantity of it than what is written on the container of the product. The chemicals should also not be mixed with anything other than what the container says. A normal garden sprayer which is available in most homes is a very good way to spray this chemical mixture. A common garden sprayer is Chapin 26021 Pro Series Poly 2 Gallon Sprayer. Some of the available sprayers in the market are also specially designed to get in the higher places of operation. Protective goggles and gloves can be used during such an operation.
Getting rid of ants from the yard – getting rid of mounds and nests of ants.
Some ant mounds, especially the ones which are asymmetrical in shape have their nesting chambers both inside of them as well as under the surface of the ground. The chambers are used to live in. these mounds are specially shaped by worker ants.

Step 5

This is the last step in the long but very simple procedure of pushing the ants out of your home once and for all. I used granules of insecticides in the yard so that the ants would be killed by eating them. In the fourth step, the windows, doors and entry places of my house were sprayed with insecticide so that no bugs or mites would enter without having to use granules.
The granules were spread around the nests of ants and their ant hills. Just for precaution, the pavements and sidewalks were also protected by me by putting granules there too. In addition to those places, the backyard and the walkway leading to my house were also protected the same way. This is a sure fire method not only to kill the ants but also to keep them from appearing once again. This is because the ant colonies were destroyed by me over time and if I kept my garden well maintained they never came back. Keep in mind that it is not important to flood your garden with these granules. Try placing them near the entrances and area the ants visit do that they do not come inside your car or the house.

If you follow carefully all the above methods by using the products mentioned.Just keep in mind those methods and recipes. No doubt that you will drive ants away for good.Whatever kinds of ants and wherever ants are in(the house,yard,outside,etc.) , you are definitely able to deal with it easily and effectively.

Hope my article will work for you.Thanks for reading!

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